Special Machines

Semi-automatic closing machine for boxes edges

Semi-automatic closing machine for boxes edges with automatic glueing and folding

Format change practical and fast by dials and millimeter bars. Settings are quikly editable from software recipes.

Mechanical, electrical designs and software development, parts creation, assembling measures and sizes customizables

Machine for unwinding and cutting

Unwinder for spools of valiable diamenters, with one or more unwinding stations.

Traction in contact with controlled motorization. Possibility of interface to another automatic production line.

Unwinding by neutral rollers, with pneumatic frictions or control system of electronic pull by brushless motors.

System of cutting by adjustable rotary pneumatic knives on the whole width and with quick possibility of exclusion by manual valves.

Mechanical, electrical designs and software development, parts creation, assembling measures and sizes customizables

Glueing machine with double pick & place

Machine with 9 axis for glueing by Plotter Giotto Revolution, with automatic uploader and double Pick & Place right and left for matching of particulars.

Machine for glueing and matching with view system

Machine with movement at step for glueing by cartesian axis, matching with double pick & place, double basket of automatic uploader, pressing and view system to control adhesive settle and correct matching.

Conveyor belt for shapes glueing

Conveyor belt for glueing of “T” shapes.

Machine for caps glueing

Machine for caps glueing.

Line of heating belt conveyors

Line of heating blet conveyors with oleodynamic system of ascent and descent.

It allows to move and heat materials of big sizes and weight, without any physical effort.

System of jar filling

Line of extrusion for supply of viscous materials, equipped with double uploader of jars of different dimensions and weighing system of supplied material.

Machine for glue tests

Machine created for laboratories of adhesive production.

By this machine, it’s possible to test the adhesive tack.

Machine to create coils of glueing stripes

This machine unwinds a reel of glueing stripes. 

The stripe is winded in rolls, blocked by a clamp and downloaded  in a box totally automatically.

Double functions machine

Profile various angles cutting and profiles matching.

This machine can cut every profiles, coming from an unwinder.

The second function allows to wind a fabric on the profile and pairs a biadhesive stripe.

Gluing and assembly machine

Machine for gluing and assembly 3 parts of a parfum cap


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