Special machinery for industry

For glue testing, filling jars and for unwinding and cutting reels

The special machines for industry part of the MAS LAMBERTONI catalogue include several solutions:

  • Glue testing machine: this is a solution that allows you to test the seal of the adhesive, and has been specially designed for laboratories specialised in the production of glue.
  • Jar filling system: it is an extrusion line for the dispensing of viscous materials, equipped with a double loader of jars of various sizes and a weighing system of the material dispensed.
  • Unwinding and cutting machine: it is an unwinder for reels of variable diameters at one or more unwinding stations. Among the main features of the system: are contact traction with a motor controlled by an analogue dancer; the possibility of interface with another automatic line; unwinding using idle rollers with pneumatic clutches or an electronic pull control system using brushless motors; cutting system using pneumatic rotary knives adjustable over the entire width and with the possibility of quick exclusion by means of manual valves. Mechanical, electrical design, software development, parts manufacturing, assembly, measurements and formats are fully customisable to the customer’s needs.

Possibility to control and monitor the machine from your office or from wherever you want via PC, smartphone or tablet.

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Glue testing machines

Jar filling machines

Reel unwinding and cutting machinery