Plotter for glueing

Giotto Revolution system for high-speed glueing

As for the glue plotters, MAS Lambertoni offers the advanced Giotto Revolution system, a high-speed glueing machine ideal for use with both hot and cold glue.

Very versatile and totally Made in Italy, this system is suitable for any shape (arches, circles, punctuation) and for any size. Through a simple self-learning system guided by a laser pointer, the machine executes each type of profile significantly reducing production times.

Thanks to the latest generation of electronics, it is possible to import a drawing in DXF format on which glue sections can be traced directly using a touch screen mounted on the machine. For series work, it is possible to store up to six workstations that can operate simultaneously and independently of each other, dispensing different types of glue on different paths.

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The Giotto Revolution Plotter is equipped with linear motors with acceleration and deceleration ramps for a fluid and fast movement of the x and y axes, with a gun speed of 3 m/s and with the possibility of a 5% increase. Two variable height worktops with a load of 60 cm managed by photocells that keep the glueing line constant and with the possibility of extraction from the plotter through rails for easier loading outside the machine. Casting unit with speed pump suitable for high-density glues.

MAS Lambertoni offers the opportunity to choose RAL and machine size, without any standard sizing constraints. The installation of the glue plotter is carried out by specialised technicians who also provide training for company personnel so that the customer is totally autonomous in the use of the system.

We also guarantee remote assistance, technical assistance within 24 hours and availability of all spare parts in stock, in addition to the availability of spare parts for at least ten years from the date of purchase.

Finally, MAS Lambertoni can complete the glueing line of the client company with:

  • Pressing belts that guarantee homogeneous pressing during the coupling phase of two cartons.
  • Drainage trays with automatic descent.
  • Work tables with folding side edges.

All MAS Lambertoni solutions are built in full compliance with EC standards.