The new line of Next Series glue applicators is available

The MAS LAMBERTONI catalogue relating to industrial glueing systems is further enriched with the new Next Series line of glue applicators.

The machine design has been completely rethought, and the new aesthetic line highlights not only the technological evolution but also the stylistics that have always characterised the MAS Lambertoni brand product range.

In addition, with the Next Open Series, you can now have an interface system open to any automatic machine, for an increasingly flexible and efficient integration with existing systems and high performance.

The modern components that characterise all the glue applicators of the new Next Series complete the framework of a solution designed and built to significantly improve company productivity.

Like all glueing and professional systems for industrial applications branded MAS LAMBERTONI, the Next Series is also characterised by excellent quality and long life, as well as high application versatility.

Do you want to find out more about the new machines? We look forward to hearing from you.

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