Pressure plates

Priced plates from 20 to 200 kg for drums, robust and reliable

MAS Lambertoni designs and manufactures flat presses from 20 to 200 kg for glue drums, robust and reliable and designed to guarantee a perfect and long-lasting operation of the various components.

Built with top-quality materials and simple and intuitive to use, MAS Lambertoni branded pressure plates are the result of company experience and expertise.

Technical features:

  • Economy Function (-25°)
  • Weekly timer
  • Tempered and ground cemented gear pump
  • Inverter for glue flow adjustment
  • Spraying time management
  • Pneumatic selection for the operation and adjustment of the heated plate on the product drum
  • Touch screen machine management for real-time process control of data, including drum change warning
  • Encoder interface

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