Glue guns

A complete range of guns for industrial glueing

MAS Lambertoni offers companies operating in the most diverse industries a complete and professional line of glueing guns. All MAS Lambertoni applicators are built in compliance with EC standards.

The versions available in the catalogue take into account the various glueing needs of the different industrial sectors: they, therefore, include manual spray and linear models, single automatic guns, spray and modular and spatula guns.

Discover them below and, if you want advice on the most suitable product for your application, get in touch with our experts.

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All guns are customisable: both in shape and use. Contact us to find the right solution for your needs.

SATURN manual linear glue gun

SATURNO linear glue guns are the ideal solution for closing boxes, displays and samples with hot glue.

MAGNIFICENT manual spray gun

MAGNIFICA spray hand pistols are the ideal solution for closing boxes, displays and samples with hot glue.

The special resistance in the end part of the tube and the 360° swivel connection allow the operator not to have live cables near the handle.

Single automatic pistols

Single automatic pistols are ideal for applying glue to packaging. They allow the exit of both spray glue and linear glueing.

Automatic spray guns

The automatic spray guns with built-in air heaters allow a spiral adhesive band to be covered even on irregular or porous surfaces, always with the highest grammage precision per square metre.

Modular automatic pistols

Modular automatic guns for industrial glueing are made of one or more modules with different wheelbases and with spray and linear nozzles of various diameters. Electrically heated and thermoregulated, they guarantee maximum precision and reliability over time.

Spatula guns

Spatula guns for industrial glueing allow total or comb coverage with maximum reliability of weighting on textile reels and silicone paper. The maximum width is 2000 mm.