Glueing systems

Industrial glueing systems

MAS Lambertoni offers a complete range of glueing systems and professional systems for industrial applications.

Characterised by high quality and durability, our glueing systems are also reliable and versatile, allowing the management of the most varied materials in different industrial sectors.

MAS Lambertoni specialists are available to the customer to create automated and customised glueing systems for specific production needs, guaranteeing an internal management of the system, from its initial conception to production and delivery.

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Hot Melt Applicators and Systems

High capacity, LF for automatic or manual applications, wheel spreaders, DEMALA and electronic applicators.

Pur Melt Applicators

The insertable applicator in the production line and tank for glue cakes for practical and efficient glueing in the industrial field

Roller for glueing

Roller for industrial bonding characterised by ad hoc length and designed to meet the most diverse applications.


A complete line of glue guns: manual, also linear, single automatic, spray, modular and spatula.


Our hot extruder for industrial applications is a closed system that protects the glue from external contamination.

Pipes and nozzles

Electrically heated pipes for the transport of fluids and gases and nozzles for linear, spiral, spatula and drip versions.

Pressure plates

Flat presses from 20 to 200 kg, are robust and reliable to ensure a perfect and long-lasting operation of the various components.