Box and tray-making machinery

For an advanced and efficient production of boxes and trays

MAS Lambertoni contributes to increasing the productivity of its customer companies by offering advanced special machinery to be integrated into the production line, such as our box and tray formers.

The box-forming machinery by MAS Lambertoni is a compact machine for forming cardboard boxes of various sizes, characterised by small dimensions and high operating speed.

Definitely less cumbersome than other similar machines available on the market today, our box former allows you to change the size of the box very quickly: the software recipes contain the dimensions of the format change, which are set through an electronic handwheel with an illuminated display.

We also offer SpeedTray automatic trays for the manufacture of trays with a guarantee of high speed and maximum precision. Featuring a quick and simple format changeover system, these machines boast a graphical interface for instant diagnosis of production processes and all machine states: perfect for the transition to Industry 4.0.

Possibility to control and monitor the machine from your office or from wherever you want via PC, smartphone or tablet.

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EasyBox Boxing Machine

SpeedTray Tray Machine