Assembly machinery

Fold-glue machines, assembly of caps and production of rolls and glueing strips

Special assembly machines proposed by MAS Lambertoni include fold-glue systems, machines for glueing and assembling caps and machines for the production of rolls and glueing strips.

The machine for glueing and assembling caps allows you to glue and assemble three details for the realisation of perfume caps.

The machine for creating rolls of glueing strips is instead characterised by the unwinding of a reel with the consequent production of a glue strip that is wrapped inside rolls, blocked by inserting a strap and, finally, discharged into a container. The whole process takes place completely automatically.

Possibility to control and monitor the machine from your office or from wherever you want via PC, smartphone or tablet.

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Small Fold Glue Machinery

Cap assembly machinery

Roll and glue strip production machinery